Single Remedy System in Aromatherapy

Many persons who know a bit about homeopathy would be knowing about a classical system which is known as the single remedy system. This means that at a time only one basic medicine is administered. If more than one medicine is required, they are administered after a gap. In some recent cases I experienced that single remedy system could also be beneficial in case of Aromatherapy.

Stomach Gas:  For example if you want to control excess gas of stomach, applying diluted fennel followed by diluted ginger essential oil may be more effective if your other commonly used blend of fennel, ginger and peppermint is not working on a patient.

Blood Pressure: A similar experience I had with headache due to high blood pressure. Controlling it with gel with 3% marjoram oil followed by another gel preparation with 3% bergamot with a gap of about 10  minutes could be more useful than a standard blend with marjoram, bergamot, lavender and geranium that I usually make.

Back Pain: The single remedy system is also useful some times in case of massage for pains. For back pain alternate massage with ginger based gel followed by black pepper based gel could be sometimes more effective in chronic cases than our usual backache preparation that contains ginger, clove, geranium, wintergreen and eucalyptus. One can also try alternate massage session with eucalyptus and clove with a gap of about 15 minutes between two oil usage. Please remember that all these essential oils are used with maximum 4-5 % dilution in gel or carrier oils for back massage.

Menses Control:  Usually I make a very good blend for menses pain and over bleeding control with clary sage, marjoram, lavender, german chamomile and geranium.  This is a good remedy in general, but sometime an effective pain measure can be taken by compresses of clary sage given for fifteen minutes followed by compresses of peppermint again for fifteen minutes. This single remedy system given three times a day can give relief to even the complex cases.

Finally, I do not deny that aromatherapy multiple oil blends are many times a good quick relief measures for most conditions, but in some cases single remedy administration is more effective. It does need more care as two or three remedies are administered with a gap. But this care adds to comfort of the patient.