Apple Slice Massage In Fever

apple-slicesMy wife was shivering that night. I know a bit about monitoring the pulse beat. It was more than 110 per minute and it was quite thumpy and throbby. As per the feeling of my touch her fever must be around 103 degree Fahrenheit. I gave her 500 mg paracetamol tablet. I knew well that this will take around one to one and half ever to be effective. I needed to do something quickly to give her some relief. The simple well tried technique was plain water dipped handkerchief folds on her forehead, and I did try it. Being an aromatherapist I also added 2 drops of basil and 2 drops of lavender in this plain water compress. Soon I realised that it was not so effective as I wished it could be. Actually her shiver was more on her lower legs and foot. I recalled that my mother used to give me cucumber massage in such shivers. Sometimes she also used the bottle gourd in place of cucumber. I checked the refrigerator, both this items were not available. I saw apples lying in my fruit basket on the dining table. I decided to use apple slices in place of cucumber. I used all my experience of creating thin slices by cutting the apple horizontally to get around 8 to 9 round slices. I took out the seeds neatly and checked that the slices were neither too hot nor too cold.

I started massaging the soles of my wife with these apple slices. Two slices I kept on her palms. Later I also massaged her lower foot up to the calf muscles. Within two minutes of massage I felt that the shivers started reducing. I kept massaging gently on soles, lower foot and then palms one by one. After five minutes she said that she is feeling much better. I checked her pulse and it was definitely sounding much better. The throbs and thumps were normalized and count was reduced by 10 count from 110 to 100 per minute. After sometime the paracetamol also started showing its effect and she became much better. Next day she was diagnosed with viral fever by a regular homoeo physician and the treatment started. In few days she was fit and fine.

When I tried to find some science of commonsense behind this phenomenon, what I found was a connection between surface pH value change in case of fevers. When temperature rises, the pH falls, making the skin surface tend more towards acidic side. Normally also skin surface is towards acidic, but it becomes even more acidic in fevers. Since most ripe fruits and vegetables are alkaline in nature, fruits and vegetable slices are a good remedy in fevers. But before we make a choice we have to take care that other components present in fruits and vegetables should not be allergic in any way. Cucumbers, Bottle gourds are good in this context. Brinjals, tubers and bell peppers will not be right. In fruits, apples may be right but pineapples may not be. Bananas may be right, but its pulpy feel may not be comfortable. Banana peel may however be effective in some cases.

I hope my experience can benefit readers in the times of emergencies. Just make sure, not to experiment with too many alternatives. My intuition worked as I had some experience. If there is any iota of doubt in your mind, it is better not to use such home remedies.